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Marjorie Ward 


The experience of telling my story was so rewarding, I felt my life validated...

                                           -Marjorie Ward  

Robert Lush


To have my brother's story on video for both me  and the next generation is wonderful. The process was very professional and I was delighted… 

                                             - Ruthanne Henderson

                                                        Robert's sister

Betty Thompson 


Laura did a wonderful job of allowing my 93 year old mother to share the highlights of her amazing life. Our family will treasure the gift of having her memories preserved. Laura brought us stories from Mom that we had never heard and her warmth and sensitivity allowed for a safe place for Mom to share her story….  

                                     - Laura Hunt

                                              Daughter of Betty

Joan McKenzie 


I so enjoyed working with Laura, she made the experience of telling

my story a pleasure and rewarding, the finished product was


                                     -  Joan McKenzie

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